Jérôme Nadeau

Jérôme Nadeau
B. 1985
1 514 293 5541


Master of Fine Arts – Concentration Photography, Concordia University.
Montreal, QC, CANADA, 2016.

MA2 Photography. Akademin Valand. Gothenburg. Sweden. Fall 2014.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, with Distinction - Major in Photography, Concordia University.
Montreal, QC, CANADA, 2011


MISSING. REPENTLESS. Unspecified location. May 2017.

Still Statues. Occurences, Montréal, QC, CANADA. September 2016.

Portraits. Galleri Monitor, Gothenburg, SWEDEN. November 2014.

That innate and ineradicable craving for what is out of the common proves how glad we are to have the natural and tedious course of things interrupted. Curated by jake moore & Jennifer Dorner. FOFA Gallery, Montreal, QC, CANADA. September 2014.

RUINS. (Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival Featured Exhibition).
Curated by Noa Bronstein, Gallery 44, Toronto, ON, CANADA. May 2014.

Around the House. Curated by Alice Liu, Listhús í Fjallabyggis, ICELAND, December 2012.

BELLEAU / NADEAU. Curated by Ana Dufresne, Espace de Course, Montreal, QC, CANADA,
June 2012.

A-B. Curated by Marie-Josée Parent, Les Territoires Centre dʼart contemporain, Montreal, QC,
CANADA, February 2012.

Acid Plane. Curated by Jerome Nadeau & Patryk Stasieczek, VAV Gallery, Montreal, QC,
CANADA, October 2009.


Sans-Titre - Untitled. Curated by Daisy Desrosiers, Battat Contemporary, Montréal, QC, CANADA. July 2016.

Ignition 12. Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Montréal, QC, CANADA. May 2016.

Collision 12. Parisian Laundry, Montréal, QC, CANADA. February 2016.

Loose Ends. Curated by Noa Bronstein, TYPOLOGY, Toronto, ON, CANADA. January 2016.

Vasagatan 33. Curated by Flemming Ove Bech, Jonas Esteban Isfält & Simon Rydén. Gothenburg, Sweden. March 2015.

CARBON. Curated by Maude Arsenault. Neubacher Shor Contemporary, Toronto, ON,
CANADA. May 2014.

Violence & Beauty. Curated by Trevor Gould, Concordia MFA Gallery, Montréal, QC,
CANADA. February 2014.

Yours Truly. Curated by Virginie Dumont. Les Territoires Centre dʼart contemporain.
Montreal, QC, CANADA. October 2013.

Come Darkness. Curated by Ryan Thomas Shimala. MORE & Co Gallery, Portland,
Maine, USA, December 2012.

Topographie. Les Territoires Centre dʼart contemporain, Montreal, QC, CANADA,
October 2012.

Segal Center for Performing Arts Fundraising Event, Curated by Émilie Hervieux. Segal
Center, Montreal, QC, CANADA, May 2012.

Chromatic 2012. Curated by Massiv Art. La Société des arts technologiques (SAT),
Montreal, QC, CANADA, June 2012.

Monobandes II. Curated by Anne-Renée Hotte and Marie Josée Parent, Les Territoires
Centre dʼart contemporain, Montreal, QC, CANADA, June 2011.

Chromatic 2011. Curated by Massiv Art, La Société des arts technologiques (SAT),
Montreal, QC, CANADA, June 2011.

Combine 2010. Curated by jake moore, FOFA Gallery, Montreal, QC, CANADA,
November 2010.

Index. Curated by Geneviève Cadieux and Marisa Portolese, Espace Jean-Brillant,
Montreal, QC, CANADA, April 2010.

Generation Why. Curated by Katherine Lewis, Push Gallery, Montreal, QC, CANADA,
March 2010.


Identity, Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival catalog. Page 160. Toronto, 2014.

Chromatic 2012. Exhibition catalog. MassivArt. Page 44. Montréal, 2012.

ENTER THE FOAM, ACHIEVE SECOND SIGHT. Self published. Montréal, 2011.

Chromatic 2011. Exhibition catalog. MassivArt. Page 42. Montréal, 2011.

Combine 2010. Exhibition catalog. Text by Stephanie Laoun, FOFA Gallery. Pages 32- 33. Montréal, 2010.


Works on Paper as Works in Progress. Presented by Canadian Art (As part of Papier15), Montréal, QC, CANADA. April 2015.

Hidden Image: A Panel Discussion on Photography + Abstraction. The Drake Hotel.
Toronto, ON, CANADA. May 2014.

Artist Tours. Coordinated by MA Candidate Mona Afshari. FOFA Gallery. Montreal, QC,
CANADA. November 2010.


Roloff Beny Fellowship in Photography, Concordia University. 2015.

Mildred Lande and Margot Lande Graduate Scholarship in Photography, Concordia
University. 2013.

LOJIQ (Les Offices jeunesse internationaux du Quebec) Traveling grant. 2012.


Encan Clark 2017. April 28th 2017. Montréal, QC, CANADA.

Art Toronto, 2016. With Battat Contemporary. October 28-30 2016. Toronto, ON, CANADA.

Art Metropole’s 40th Anniversary Auction. November 20th 2014. Toronto, ON. CANADA.


Not Not Photography:

Some thoughts on materiality, abstraction and
the photographic surface in the work of Sheree
Hovsepian and
Jérôme Nadeau
By Sam Cotter