Jérôme Nadeau

Chapitre III, 2024
Galerie Nicolas Robert, Montréal

Jérôme Nadeau, Shape of You - Remix (19/10/2017), 2024, vinyl emulsion paint and acrylic on canvas, 137.16 cm x 233.68 cm, 54 x 91 inches

Jérôme Nadeau, Archives, 2012 -, material and dimension variable.

Maison Modèle, 2024
Centre Clark, Montréal


The figure is a hole

an aperture of silence

a portal of yearning—a call.


The figure is a specter

a scanner of echoes—an answer.

Between / Together

A void throbs—a sentient nexus.

Time drips, fragmented.

A specter undulating

softening into perpetual motion.

Left glyph sighs—a slit, a call lost in white noise.

Right glyph shimmers—a portal, an answer drowned in the abyss.

Jérôme Nadeau, inquisitive slit, speculative tremors, 2018 - 2023, silver gelatin prints, 17.78 cm x  12.7 cm / 7 x 5 inches + 25.4 cm x  20.32 cm / 10 x 8 inches